The inaugural Turkish products Fair has been launched in Accra.

The fair will begin next week and it is expected that about 50 companies and more than 500 products will be on exhibition.

On display will be food, cosmetics, electronics, construction items, kitchen devices, textiles and home appliances.

An expert from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC), Cagri Oluc, said the exhibition was to open up more investment opportunities in Ghana and Turkey.

He said the fair would also serve as a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and discuss investment opportunities in the two countries.

“The ICOC’s aim is not to boost Turkish exports to Ghana, but to also boost Ghanaian exports to Turkey, by a win-win philosophy”, he added.

At the news conference on Wednesday, the Turkish Ambassador to Ghana, Nesrin Bayazit, stated that trade between the two countries has seen a massive increase and is expected to exceed $1 billion by 2020.

According to her,  statistics from the first six months of this year show that trade between Ghana and Turkey was already at $300 million, just $100 million less than the total for 2015.

“These figures are enough evidence that the target of $1 billion will be surpassed by that time”, she said. The Head of Marketing, Trade and Investment Promotion of the GCCI, Mr Frederick Amoako, said the chamber had signed an MoU with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, for the establishment of an industrial zone in Ghana.

Mr Oluc criticised the absence of enough exhibition centres in Ghana, addign that West African neighbours had faced a similar challenge on their last visit.

He appealed to the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) to set up more,  larger exhibition centres in the country to attract more investors to the country.